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steam tunnel scouting

A while back someone told me about a new building they were constructing at one of the universities in Springfield. Tonight, I was in the area and noticed the building for the first time. Since I've been wanting to get into that university's tunnel system for some time, I decided to go see if the new building had tunnel access.

I didn't have to do anything special to get into the building. There was a weak chain link fence around it, but I just undid a wire between a couple sections of it and squeezed through. Then I just waltzed in through a temporary wooden door that wasn't locked.

After walking around inside with a flashlight for a while, I realized there wasn't any tunnel access. I found where the steam pipes came in through the floor in a back area. It looked like they came underground from the building next door, and I wasn't going to be able to get into that one since everyone seemed to be gone for Christmas.

I went back inside and poked around the new building a little more. I went up on the second floor and found a bunch of kerosene heaters running. Since it was after dark and well below freezing at this point, I took the opportunity to take my gloves off and thaw my hands a little bit.

As I was leaving, I had a bit of a close call. I was outside the building in the shadows checking out a manhole with some steam coming out of it. The room underneath the manhole had steam pipes in it, but it turned out to be just a small chamber that didn't go anywhere. While I was sliding the manhole cover back in place, I heard a car door.

I looked up and the area immediately in front of me was lit up by a pair of headlights from a vehicle around the corner of the building beside me. I couldn't see anyone, but I could see the shadow of at least one person moving around. I didn't know if they were coming my way or had seen me, but I knew better than to stick around. I finished sliding the cover back in place, went back around the building the way I'd come, and ran the whole way back to my car.

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