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holiday island railroad tunnel

A user on the forum, travcojim, tipped me off about an abandoned railroad tunnel out near Holiday Island, Arkansas. So, this morning I looked the place up on the internet, plugged the coordinates into my GPS, and went for a joyride.

It took me a little while to find the place, even with the GPS. I'd known there was an abandoned railroad line in the area, but I'd never heard about the tunnel. I had to do trial and error with several different dirt roads, but I finally found the one that led in the right direction.

I got out and started walking when I couldn't drive any farther. I didn't know it until I started seeing railroad beams buried in the dirt, but I had driven right onto the old railroad line. Which was nice, because it meant I didn't have to go looking around in the woods.

The tunnel was in about the same shape as the railroad line. Rock had collapsed in front of it and on the sides, but it was still completely accessible. Inside, the floor was covered with mud, and I walked about a hundred yards inside before reaching a massive cave-in. I thought the way was blocked, until I got out my flashlight and saw tha that you could walk over the top of it.

At the other side of the cave-in, there was water as far as I could see. Luckily, travcojim had warned me about that, and I had brought my chest-high waders. I suited up and began slogging through a few feet of water with old railroad beams floating in the water around me.

I reached the other side and dry ground, and it was in even worse shape. The entrance had mostly collapsed, leaving just enough room for a person to walk out of. I went up out of the tunnel, looked around, but didn't see anything remarkable. I slogged back to the other side, finished taking some pictures, and headed back home wet and muddy.

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