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frozen ground

Well, I intended to go back to my father's land and dig up one or two of those mounds today. I even got out the metal detector, figuring I could wander around and see if there was anything in the ground. But then I realized the ground was frozen a foot deep, and I'd have about as much luck digging in a block of concrete.

Instead, I went and got a haircut. While I was in the area, I drove by an abandoned casket factory that we used to sneak into when we were kids. It seems like a weird place to play in, but it was just a huge empty building. We always wished we could sneak our bikes in there and ride around. Apparently, someone's bought the factory and is turning it into something. I'm going to work on tracking down the new owners and ask them if I can take some pictures of the inside before they remodel it.

After that, I drove around for a bit looking for an abandoned skating rink. I thought I knew the highway it was on, but I drove it twice and didn't see it. It may have been torn down or I may have the wrong place, but it's on my long list of things to do now.

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Comment from: Ellie [Visitor] ·
That's a cool picture, that kind of thing happens here. Yesterday I saw a building with ice frozen on it from water that had been running down the side, if you can picture it. Also, the ice was brown, so it was a little disgusting. ... Well, this was pretty much pointless. Came here through BE, by the way.
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Comment from: Paul [Visitor]
My recommendation is that you leave those mounds alone. If they truly are Indian burial sites, then it is a federal (and likely state) FELONY to disturb them in any way, especially to dig into them to find out what is in there.

In Missouri, your land cannot be taken simply because there are Indian burial mounds on it, but if you register the site with the authorities, you restrict some of the uses you can put it to. But if you dig up the mounds out of curiosity, you break the law big time. Don't do it, and certainly if you do, don't "go public" with what you find.
Permalink 01/21/05 @ 20:12
Comment from: white rabbit [Member]
I don't even know if there's anything there, dude, although I tend to doubt it, but there's only one way to find out. Someone has dig one up to find out what it is. It might as well be me. Illegal or not, I'm not gonna get charged for digging up a curious pile of dirt on some family land, even if there does end up being something there.
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