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first hotel infiltration

Since it's possible I won't have anything worth blogging for another week or so, I figured I'd take this opportunity to tell a fun story I've never posted. Plus, if I ever get around to putting a "hotel infiltration" section (or something like that) on the site, I'll have this blog entry to add to it.

A month or two back, I met up with Kid Sparkle, who was down from his city to get a car part. We spent the first part of the night exploring an abandoned mine that we'd stumbled across inside a quarry. Since the night was still young, Kid Sparkle suggested we go by a local hotel, one that's not abandoned and very much in use, and see if we could get on the roof. I was nervous, because we were both muddy and it was already well after dark, but I was also dying to try a hotel infiltration.

We breezed in the front door of the huge hotel, right past the front desk, like we had a reason to be there. We went straight to the elevator, which overlooked the entire inside of the building. We spent the next few hours wandering every inch of that hotel. The first thing we tried was the stairwell that had a door at the top that led to the roof. Sadly, the door was padlocked. We could even see the roof through a crack in the door, but we couldn't get there. It was heartbreaking.

Next we found the exercise room and pool. The pool room was closed while they were repairing the jacuzzi, but we just ignored it and ducked under the yellow tape they'd put up to keep people out. While Kid Sparkle answered a phone call, I couldn't resist the temptation. I stripped down to my undies and bailed into the pool. I swam around for a while while Kid Sparkle talked to his friend (who wanted to know what that loud splash was). Eventually, I got dressed, with wet underwear underneath, and we continued on.

At some point, we decided we wanted to get onto the top floor. Problem was, you needed a key to take the elevator there because it was the VIP floor for private guests. So, we slipped back into the employee area of the hotel, found the employee elevator which didn't need a key, and took it to the top floor.

At the top floor, there was a private lounge for the guests, fully stocked with food and liquor. There had been people inside the lounge earlier, but it was deserted now. Of course, we decided to help ourselves to some grub. I had a bowl of cereal, a cinnamon roll, a blueberry bagel, and lots of fruit, while Kid Sparkle ate most of the same. We spent a good hour up in the lounge just hanging out, enjoying the view and calling our friends from the private phone to brag about where we were.

When we were done there, we decided to explore the employee areas a little further. We had the half-baked idea that maybe we'd spot the key to the roof somewhere and we could borrow it. We checked the only office we could find, but no such luck.

Unfortunately, while we were checking out the employee area around the kitchen, we screwed up. Kid Sparkle was a few yards away poking around one area, while I was looking in a kitchen storage area. I heard someone wheel a cart out from the kitchen, and I ducked behind a door. Kid Sparkle dashed back and jumped in the elevator, but that happened to be where the employee was going as well. I heard the employee shout to Kid Sparkle, "Hold the elevator!"

As I was about to slip out to find Sparkle, I saw a kitchen employee coming out of the kitchen toward my area. I was afraid he was heading to where I was, so I waltzed out in front of him, nodded and said, "Hey." Then I walked alongside him straight out of the employee area. I could tell the employee had been confused about who I was, but thankfully, because I had acted like I was supposed to be there, he didn't ask any questions.

I met Sparkle just as he was coming back down on the guest elevator, and we both decided it was time to flee the scene. As we were heading for the front doors, we saw the employee who had rode the elevator with Sparkle talking to the front desk girl and looking very confused. They both watched us leave suspiciously, but we just headed out the door and left as quickly as we could.

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