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grave digger pt. 2

Well, yesterday morning I finally got around to going back to my father's land and digging up those mounds. And what did I find?


Yeah, I know. It was very anticlimactic, and I'm as disappointed as you guys that were following this story probably are. I dug up two different mounds to about three feet deep, and there was nothing there but more dirt and rocks. I was really hoping for a body or maybe buried treasure, but no such luck. I still think the mounds may be man-made, but I guess they'll have to remain a mystery.

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Comment from: Ropingk [Visitor]
you do know that if it was a body buried all thoes years ago it would have been sunken in and yes i know all about burial mounds but if you ever go to a cementary and see how much dirt is piled on a new grave and then 4 months later how sunken in it is and consider this there is a giant vault in that hole and it still sinks
But I would have done the same thing maybe you should go a little deeper-was it hard to dig?or was ther soil loose??
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Comment from: white rabbit [Member]
Well, it was kind of loose for the first couple feet, which makes me think it was man-made. After that, though, it was just normal, rocky Missouri soil.
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