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hotels and a tunnel

So, the day before yesterday I met up with David Keetz to do some exploring. We were checking out something fairly sensitive, so I can't go into too many details about it. Basically, we'd been told about a sealed up tunnel, and we went and temporarily unsealed it to take a peek. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out to be anything. It was just a mechanical room with some equipment. After that, we decided to hit a couple hotels in town, so we went back to David's house so he could put on clean clothes.

We weren't sure how to proceed when we got to the first hotel. The windows were tinted, so we couldn't tell if you could just walk by the front desk without looking conspicuous. We wandered behind the hotel, then up and down the street a few times, before finally deciding to just waltz in. We headed in the front door, said hello the desk clerk when he saw us, and headed up the stairs.

Inside, we wanted to find the basement, but, if there was one, we couldn't locate it. We settled for checking out all the floors, including the top floor which was used for special events. There really wasn't much to see, though, so we headed out to the next hotel.

The second one turned out to be much easier, especially because David was familiar with it. We wanted to slip in through a side door, but workers taking a break outside were blocking the way. We went inside and wandered around for a bit instead. There didn't seem to be a way to the basement from inside that wasn't blocked by employees, although we did spend some time on an upper floor balcony enjoying the view.

Again, there just wasn't a lot to see. The floors were all basically the same, and all the interesting places were inaccessible at the moment. We both agreed we should come back after dark sometime when we could slip around the hotel easier, but we went ahead and called it a day.

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