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8th street tunnel

This weekend, Hiccup and I drove up to Kansas City to visit her sister and do a little exploring.

We got up to Kansas City a little after nine in the morning. Since we weren't sure Hiccup's sister would be ready for us, we drove around the Independence area to scope out some abandoned storage caves. It took us a little while to find them, because I only had vague directions, but we found them after a bit of searching. We didn't have enough time to explore them, so we took some quick pictures of the entrances. Then we went on over to Hiccup's sister's house and spent most of the day hanging out with them.

Around five o'clock, we started heading over to Union Station to meet up with youthsonic, LostLenore, and S1L3N7B0B, who were going to give us a tour of an abandoned subway tunnel called the 8th Street Tunnel. Once everyone had showed up, we all pulled our cars around to the same lot. Then we all piled into youthsonic's vehicle and started heading over to the tunnel.

I can't go into too many details about where the entrance was located, but I can say this: If you didn't already know it was there, you'd never find it in a million years. It is absolutely the most well-concealed location I've ever seen. And that's saying something, considering it's right in downtown Kansas City. All the credit goes to Slim Jim, a fellow explorer who somehow managed to find this thing.

Once we were inside, the tunnel was just as cool as I had imagined. It still had working lights, which we turned on, and it stretched away almost as far as you could see. The ceiling was made out of brick and arched from the ceiling to the ground. There were two tunnels, with one running on top of the other one, and we were in the upper tunnel. It was also the older tunnel, having been constructed in 1881.

We walked down the length of the tunnel, and the ground sloped up toward the roof as we went. When we reached the end, we were forced to hunch over as the ceiling was now just a few feet above the ground. At the end of the upper tunnel, there was a massive chamber where the two tunnels came together. There was a ladder there for climbing down into the lower tunnel, and Hiccup, youthsonic and I climbed right down.

The lower tunnel, although it was the newer one, looked much worse than the one above it. There were huge mineral formations hanging from the ceiling, which looked like six-foot soda straws. The floor was also pure mud, and it was littered with old beams and other debris. We walked the length of it as well, where it eventually ended in a a big pile of dirt.

We started heading back after that, although I stopped several times to get some long exposure shots of the lighted tunnel. Once we got back to the entrance, we found that we couldn't get it sealed up like it had been when we found it. LostLenore, youthsonic, and S1L3N7B0B had to leave, so we were forced to leave the entrance wide open for the moment, since it looked like it would take some work to get it sealed up again. So, Hiccup and I went back with them, then drove our vehicle back to the tunnel and sealed up the entrance.

All in all, the 8th Street Tunnel is definitely one of the coolest places I've ever been.

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