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albino farm prank

I played a little prank on a few of my friends out at the Albino Farm yesterday.

I knew that Anne had organized a meetup to go out to the Albino Farm and look for a cemetery that was supposed to be out there, but Hiccup and I had previous plans at the same time to go out with her sister. As we were leaving the house that morning, we saw that Hiccup's neighbor had thrown away two gigantic teddy bears. I said jokingly, "We should take those out to the Albino Farm and hang them from the trees." Hiccup laughed and said we should. Then I thought, why not?

We went and snagged some duct tape, a couple black markers, and ran out to the Albino Farm. We walked around until we found two good trees near the old buildings where they'd be sure to see them, then I bound the bears' hands and mouths with duct tape hostage-style. Once that was done, we taped them about chest-high to the trees and broke out the markers. I wasn't sure who all was going to the meetup, but I knew that Willard and Anne would be there for sure. So, I wrote ANNE on the forehead of the girl bear and WILLARD on the boy bear. When we were finished laughing at the whole thing, we got the hell out of there, wishing we could stay and hide to see their reaction.

Yes, I'm a sick bastard.

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