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wilson's creek and heer's

We had another oddball weekend of exploring a little while back. We checked out a small cave, a bunch of abandoned houses out at Wilson's Creek, and went to Heer's one more time.

We started out the day, like most of our trips, by meeting up at our usual place. This time it was Anne, Willard, DeeDee, Hiccup and myself. Since it was just the five of us, we all piled into Anne's SUV and started heading out to Wilson's Creek.

Along the way, Willard wanted to take us by a cave he knew about behind a local school. So, we pulled off at the school and started tramping out into the woods. We had a little trouble finding the cave in the brush, but Willard eventually got us there.

It didn't turn out to be very big as caves go, but it was still fairly cool. There were old pipes embedded in the rock where people had once pumped water out of the cave for use, and there was an old tin structure built around the mouth of the cave. It also looked like the cave might have gone back a little ways, but it required crawling on your belly in wet mud and I wasn't really in the mood to do that so early in our day.

Next, we headed over to Wilson's Creek and started wandering around a trail. We checked out a collapsed barn first and took the time to climb an old silo that was beside it, then we went and climbed around in the two floors of an old barn that was still standing nearby. Up the hill, there was also an old house, so we went and checked that out as well.

After that, we decided to wander up the road to another abandoned house. Inside, we found a bunch of swallows that had made one of the rooms their home. When one of them kept trying to fly through a window pane, I took the opportunity to catch it gently and take a few pictures before letting it go. In the back, there was a trashed bathroom with a toilet, where I talked Hiccup into dropping her pants and posing for a picture. There was also a garage out back, with some old bones, where I talked Anne into chomping down on one for yet another photo op.

When we were done, we went back to a barn-like building behind the house. While everyone was downstairs, Hiccup and I wandered up to the second flood where we froze as something started hissing at us loudly. I expected a raccoon or something, but as I came around the corner to see what it was, I saw that it was a huge bird and yelled for everyone to come upstairs. I wasn't positive, but it looked like a baby buzzard. It was about the size of a chicken, but it still had downy feathers covering it and apparently couldn't fly, so I don't know what else it could have been.

After we'd inspected the bird for a bit, we started checking out the rest of the room when something ran across the floor in the corner. It was yet another baby buzzard, and this one was much more lively. It kept running back and forth in the corner from us, while the other one had simply sat there and stared at us.

Once we were finished at that place, we went down the road to yet another abandoned property. We didn't linger at this one as long, as someone was using it for their cattle. But we checked out the old house there, the barn, and I climbed up yet another silo.

From there we made the long walk back to our cars and then headed back into town. We decided from there to go into Heer's one more time. It didn't go nearly as smoothly sneaking in this time, but we managed anyway.

Once inside, we just wandered the place as we had before. However, the girls got bored with Willard and me poking around. So, they went up to the roof, and presumably gave each other facials or stripped down to their panties and had a ticklefight or did whatever it is girls do when they're alone.

This time, though, we didn't stay all that long, and we didn't end up going past about the sixth floor. As Willard and I finally made it up there, the girls were just coming back down from the roof. Everyone was pretty much ready to head out after all the walking we'd done, so we went back down and slipped out the way we'd come.

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