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return to the mill

A week after I almost got myself killed, for no real reason we decided to return to the same mill.

Willard, DeeDee, Anne and her friend, Hiccup and myself all met up at our usual spot that afternoon. We headed on over to the abandoned building next to Heer's that we'd been checking out while they tore it down, but the building was just a pile of rubble. It was funny, because Anne had been out around five o'clock that morning and the building had still been standing. We climbed around on the pile of rubble to try and get down into the basement, but a construction worker at Heer's told us we needed to clear out.

Since that was out, we decided to go on over the mill we'd been at the weekend before. We were just going to stick to the larger building this time, and we all piled inside. It was nice to see the place in the daylight, and it was definitely safer. We just went floor to floor again taking pictures.

Around the tenth floor, which is also where I'd almost died, I checked a couple of doors that led to a lower section of roof that we hadn't gotten on to last time. In the dark, I had just assumed that the doors had been welded shut. But in the light, I could see that the doors were just a little rusty and tight. So, for one door I climbed through a hole in it and kicked it open from the outside. And for the other, I climbed out a window onto the lower roof and kicked that door open as well.

After that we headed up to the real roof, where we proceeded to sit there for about an hour and do absolutely nothing. We were just enjoying the view and hanging out. We even got to witness a couple cars nearly have a head-on collision.

Eventually, because we'd all been up really late together the night having a movie night at Anne's house, we decided that was all we felt like exploring for the day and headed on home.

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