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jordan creek tunnel screamer

I played a little joke on our friends down in the Jordan Creek tunnel last weekend.

Anne, David Keetz, Sertile, and Underdog were meeting up that night to check out some side tunnels in the Jordan Creek Tunnel. Hiccup and I had debated about whether or not we were going, because we were wanting to get up early the next morning and go back to Monte Ne. At the last minute, though, we decided to head down to the tunnel and catch everyone down there.

We got down to the tunnel and started walking the length of it. We figured if they were exploring a side tunnel, we'd be able to hear them down inside it as we went by. However, we got all the way to the other end of the tunnel without hearing a peep. Either the guys weren't there, or they were so deep inside a side tunnel that we couldn't hear them.

We decided to head back to the first side tunnel near the entrance to sit and wait. If they were in a side tunnel, they'd probably come back eventually. If they just hadn't got there yet, then they'd come right by us. And, of course, there was no way they'd be getting by us without getting the hell scared out of them.

It took probably fifteen minutes before we started hearing voices at the entrance of the tunnel. It was so faint that we thought it could've been in our heads. Pretty soon, though, we could hear them coming, and we killed out lights. I could see their flashlights reflecting off the water in the tunnel as they came near us. Hiccup and I crawled back inside the side tunnel we were sitting in to wait.

When the gang came up on us and could see us, I roared like a madman as loud as I could. Anne immediately screamed bloody murder, and I could see everyone's flashlights bob in the dark as they all jumped back from the sound. I started laughing hysterically, and everyone got relieved looks on their faces. We crawled out of the tunnel and joined them while they cursed me for the prank.

From there we went and crawled into a cramped side tunnel that Keetz and Underdog had thought went into a building's basement. It was pretty cramped, including one stretch where you had to crawl on your hands and knees. It also turned out to go back quite a ways, but it didn't actually go into any buildings. We did find several manholes that popped out onto the surface, though.

We went on down to another side tunnel that I knew about and had suggested because it was walking height. We all piled in and started walking. A little ways in, I decided to leave my backpack, figuring we'd be coming back that way. But the tunnel just kept going and going, eventually splitting into two smaller round pipes. We picked one and followed it and ended up in a large gutter box staring out at the street.

Rather than go back down the cramped tunnel, I decided to crawl out of the gutter box, go back into the Jordan Creek tunnel through the other entrance, and retrieve my backpack that way, while everyone else stayed in the gutterbox and relaxed. The other entrance to the tunnel ended up being full of water, but I didn't want to go back, so I just slogged through it. I got back to the side tunnel and started in, grabbing my backpack as I came upon it.

About halfway to the guys, I found a wallet laying in the tunnel. I opened it up and recognized Sertile on the driver's license. I kept going and yelled to Sertile asking if he was missing anything when I got within earshot. He was lucky, because I almost didn't crawl all the way through the side tunnel again.

I got back to the gutter box, rested for a minute, then went out on the street to take some pictures of everyone poking their heads out. When we were done with that, everyone crawled out and we went and chilled out on a nearby parking garage. We hung out there for probably half an hour, then we headed back to our cars and called it a night.

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