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sealed underground

Several weekends back, I met up with Shadowbearer and Gimpface to check out an abandoned mine that Gimpface had found.

The three of us met up at a gas station that night not far from the mine. From there, we drove over to a hill near the entrance and parked, then walked down to it in the dark. We didn't want to chance using our flashlights on the way down. Plus, thanks to the light pollution of the nearby city, we could see just fine.

There were actually two entrances at the base of the hill. Both of them were probably fifteen feet tall, and both were sealed up to the top with a gray cinderblock wall. Fortunately, someone with less morals than us had taken a sledgehammer or something to one of the walls and made a nice little door.

We headed inside and started checking out the mine. It was typical of most of the modern underground mines in our area. The ceilings were probably twenty feet high, and there were huge rock columns spaced out in a grid formation to support the ceiling.

As far as size went, it looked significantly smaller than a lot of the underground mines I'd been in. Since it was also built right next to the highway without a lot of room for expansion, it was probably intended to be underground storage or something. Who knows why it was abandoned and sealed up.

We started walking the perimeter of the mine from there. We came across a bunch of trash piled in one corner of the mine, as well as a small amount of graffiti on one of the walls. On another side of the mine we found a place where part of the ceiling had caved in and left a natural hollow above. There was also a part where the floor was covered by a few inches of water.

Other than that, the mine was empty. We spent a little while walking around to make sure we hadn't missed anything. It would've made a good place to play paintball or something, if they hadn't abandoned it.

Once we were satisfied there wasn't anything else to see, we headed back to our cars and went in for the night.

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