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abandoned underground storage

Several weekends back, Shadowbearer, Gimpface, and I checked out yet another abandoned mine found by Gimpface.

The three of us met up at another gas station not far from the mine, then we drove on down to it. We parked outside and walked down to where the entrances were. It was funny, because I'd driven past this particular place a million times and had seen it, but I just hadn't thought there was anything there. It looked like just another quarry.

We came up on three entrances, each about fifteen feet tall, going back into the bluff. All three of them were barricaded with concrete blocks to about shoulder height. We picked one of the entrances, climbed over the blocks, and headed into the mine.

The mine was, as usual, like most of the modern underground mines in the area. However, this one was so small that there were actually no pillars. It was just one long tunnel that stretched around in a long loop from one entrance to the other entrance, with chambers dug off to the sides. Like we suspected of the last one, this one definitely had to have been intended for underground storage.

We followed the tunnel along to the other entrance, but there was water partially blocking the way. Shadowbearer and Gimpface chose to walk along the edge of the water to the entrance. Because I was carrying so much gear, I went back to the original entrance.

Outside, we walked down to the third entrance, which appparently went to its own individual mine, as opposed to the first two. We were surprised to see an old trailer sitting inside, so we climbed up over the barrier to check it out. It was in pretty rough shape, but it did contain some rotting plastic bags of something I can't remember. Either way, this area was pretty much like the other one, just smaller.

After that, we went out and walked around the bluff to make sure we hadn't missed any additional entrances, but there weren't any. Then, we followed a nearby gravel road down the hill to make sure there was nothing down there, but there wasn't.

With that done, we headed back to our cars and went home.

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