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second rooftop new year's eve

I know this entry is two months late, but what can I say? I've been a busy rodent. For New Year's, some of us from Underground Ozarks spent the evening the same way Hiccup and I did last year: We watched fireworks from the roof of an eleven story mill.

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caving and abandoned lodge pt. 2

Several weekends back, a bunch of us went caving and then returned to the abandoned lodge we'd explored earlier.

Early in the evening, RaccoonCC, mjames, colt45, Underdog, piplnr65656, Hiccup and myself all met up at a local Wal-mart to go caving. Underdog, Hiccup and I piled into piplnr's truck, while Raccoon and her gang followed along in their vehicle, and we started the long drive to the cave we were checking out.

We parked down the road from the cave, unloaded all our crap, and began walking back the way we'd come. When we were above the cave on the road, we crossed into the woods and started making our way down the steep hill. It wasn't graceful getting down the slope, and we all pretty much just slid down on our asses.

At the entrance, we dropped some of our gear and proceeded into the cave. Immediately, it was clear that this cave was different from most of the caves in our area. The walls were made out of some sort of crumbly sandstone, and the cave twisted and turned in serpentine fashion. There were also places where the tunnels came together and separated randomly. The cave honestly looked like it belonged in the Grand Canyon rather than in Missouri.

We followed the first long stretch of tunnel we came to, and it just kept going and going. It was insane. The tunnel finally ended in a small hole sloping upward into a large chamber full of formations. Everyone climbed up inside and spread out, but I just barely went through so that I could get some awesome pictures of them from below.

Next, we headed to a section of the cave where a deep pit went about a story down and appeared to lead back into another level. We'd even brought my cable ladder down with us just in case. However, someone had put some long pipes in a couple places down in the pit, and I was able to climb down inside without using the ladder. Unfortunately, the pit didn't go anywhere, although it appeared someone had been digging down in it.

After that, I climbed back out, and piplnr and I wandered across the pit to another section of tunnel. That stretch went on for a ways and it had lots of formations, but it ended after a bit so we turned around. When we returned, we poked around the rest of the cave for a little while. We explored every little side tunnel and checked out some of the strange formations. It really was a unique cave.

When we were done, we climbed back up the hill and started walking back to our vehicles. On the way, we were stopped by a cop who had been called by a neighbor who had seen us heading down the hill. Fortunately, the cop was a nice guy who wasn't interested in busting a bunch of cavers, so he let us go almost immediately. Besides that, although we walked through private property to get there, I'm not sure we were actually trespassing at the cave. It might have been Corps. of Engineers property depending on how close it was to the water.

From there, we decided to head over and check out the abandoned lodge again, since it was nearby. We drove on over to it, then everyone piled into piplnr's truck, since it was the only vehicle capable of driving through the rough construction site.

We got out at the lodge and started checking it out again. Piplnr and I had been there a few days earlier, but it was still cool to check it out again. When we had wandered through most of the inside, we went outside and started checking out the wooden bridge in front of it.

About that time, I noticed a hole about the size of basketball in the bridge and got my usual mischievous urges. I let everyone move on ahead of me, then I killed my light and crawled under the bridge below the hole. I waited patiently until I heard everyone coming back across the bridge.

When someone finally came within reach of the hole, I shot my hand out of it and growled at the top of my lungs. There was a brief pause where I thought my joke was going to fall flat and not scare anyone, but then Raccoon suddenly SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER. She screamed so loud that I actually felt kind of guilty. It was still hilarious, though.

Next, piplnr drove us over to the cabin on the property, which was more of an adventure in his truck than it had been on the ATV. We spent a little time checking that out, but it was pretty much the same as our last visit. So from there we drove around the woods a little bit, just enjoying how piplnr's truck could climb right over anything.

When we were done horsing around in the truck, we went back to the other vehicle, said our goodbyes, and we all started heading back to Springfield.

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