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tunnel four-wheeling

A couple months back, Piplnr brought his four-wheeler to town and treated some of us to a high-speed ride through the Acid Tunnel and the Jordan Creek Tunnel.

Low-res video (259 KB)
High-res video (2.34 MB)

David Keetz, Hiccup, and myself met Piplnr and his wife, No Name, at our usual spot that evening. Piplnr had his four-wheeler strapped down in the bed, and the three of us decided to just ride with them. So, we piled into the back seat of Piplnr's vehicle and we were off to the Acid Tunnel.

When we were near the tunnel, we pulled off somewhere and let Piplnr unload the four-wheeler. He went ahead and started toward the tunnel on it, while No Name drove us down to a parking lot not far from the entrance. From there, we headed down to meet him and did our best to avoid being seen.

At the entrance, Piplnr had somehow already gotten the four-wheeler down into the drainage canal leading up to it. While we watched, he went ahead and did a test run down the tunnel. We watched him fly down to the first bend in the tunnel and then disappear around it, but we could still hear him (as well as anyone else within a few city blocks). It was ridiculously loud, and it's amazing that we didn't get caught just over that. On the way back, we could see the spooky light of Piplnr's headlights before he ever got to stretch of tunnel connected to the entrance.

When Piplnr returned, Keetz was the first to go, while I filmed. When they returned, Hiccup got on and took her ride, and watching her nervous reaction was hilarious. When they returned, it my turn, and I got on with the camcorder in hand to film the whole thing.

Piplnr took me on quite the wild ride. He said later that he got it all the way up to fifty-five MPH, and that seemed about right. He'd fly down the tunnel, slow as we came to a bend in the tunnel, and then gun it again. It was a blast.

When we were done there, we went back to No Name and drove over to where Piplnr was waiting to load the four-wheeler back up. It was actually a pretty slick operation, which is rare with the things we end up doing. With the four-wheeler loaded up, we started on over to the Jordan Creek Tunnel.

We stopped at a place where we'd be fairly out of sight and unloaded the four-wheeler, then No Name and the rest of us drove over to a good parking lot and started walking back. We ended up beating Piplnr to the entrance, too, but that was because he'd apparently had a hard time finding a good place to get the four-wheeler down into the canal that led up to the tunnel. He'd found a place, but he ended up going through a few feet of water in the process.

Piplnr went ahead and did a test run again and came back soaked. The Jordan Creek Tunnel was always pretty wet, and this time was no exception. I decided to take the first ride so that I could take more pictures and video of the other guys this time. So, I jumped on back and got the camcorder ready.

Although it wasn't as fast of a ride due to all the debris in the tunnel, the ride was longer and more exciting. We'd roar through foot-deep pools of water and soak ourselves. When we stopped at the end of the tunnel to turn around, I had to wipe the camera dry just to keep shooting. And on the way back, we had a few bats flying ahead of us, keeping pace. Since they were moving the same speed as us, they seemed to be floating in space. When we got back, Gimpface, She-Gimp, and Grey were also waiting at the entrance for a ride.

Hiccup went next, followed by David Keetz. Keetz and Piplnr got partway down the tunnel when we heard the four-wheeler stall out. We heard them try to start it a few times unsuccessfully, so we started walking down the tunnel to see what had happened. It turned out just to be water in the carburetor, and Piplnr was able to get it going again pretty quick.

Everyone else stayed there from that point on, but I decided to run down the tunnel to where the two smaller tunnels became one so I could take some pictures. I photographed Piplnr and his rider every time he made a pass, with them splashing huge streams of water as they went by. I was soaked, but the pictures I took were amazing. I got pictures of Gimpface, Grey, and She-Gimp riding. And when Shadowbearer showed up toward the end of things, I was able to get some good pictures of him riding as well.

After that, we headed out and Piplnr loaded up the four-wheeler once again. We had talked about climbing the MFA mill later that night, but I didn't figure everyone would want to now that we were all soaked. However, I was wrong, and everyone was still into it. So, we headed over and made our way inside.

We climbed the ladder up slowly, stopping every few floors to rest. When we reached the silos, Gimpface and She-Gimp decided to stay at that point (probably to have dirty mill sex), while the rest of us continued up to the highest point. Up there, we rested for a while and I got some awesome long exposure shots of everyone sitting on the edge of the building overlooking the city.

After that, we climbed down and headed home for the night.

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