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whatever happened to underground ozarks?

I know some of you tend to worry when I don't post (probably with good reason), so rest assured I'm still among the living. I'm not dead.

I know that I haven't posted in an obscenely long time. It's been over a year. And it's been over two since I updated the main part of the site. There's a lot of reasons for that. I had held off updating the site because I had planned and begun a complete overhaul of the site. That overhaul was disrupted by real life issues, including a move away from the Springfield area. Eventually, I just more or less gave up.

That's going to change.

Granted, I'm a horrible procrastinator. Always have been, always will be. So, don't expect the resurrection of Underground Ozarks to happen overnight.

But it's coming. Underground Ozarks will be back and updated with new content. It might just be the blog for a while and it might not be as often as it should be, but we're going to get things rolling here again.

I never stopped exploring, and I never will. I couldn't turn off my curiosity about the hidden places around me even if I wanted to.

But I did stop sharing it with the rest of you, and that's something that's going to change starting right now.

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Comment from: H. Ropolis [Visitor]
Great news!
Permalink 09/29/08 @ 14:53
Comment from: Missing Rockaway Beach [Visitor]
Can't wait to see your pictures of Rockaway Beach, Missouri. You have a wonderful blog site by the way. Hoping to see that it's updated frequently. Thank you for all the past explorations that you've done and shared with everyone on your blog.
Permalink 09/30/08 @ 18:26
Comment from: Pablo [Visitor] ·
I never gave up hoping. Glad to see you're back, even if it will be only intermittently.

Am I allowed to say I was worried?
Permalink 10/03/08 @ 08:16
Comment from: Catfish [Visitor]
Looks like fun.
Permalink 12/11/08 @ 20:06
Comment from: Myri [Visitor]
*looks at calendar, then looks at last blog entry* Goodness, you're not kidding when you say you're a procrastinator... hurry back =)
Permalink 02/27/09 @ 17:21
Comment from: Liz [Visitor]
I love what ya'll do! We went to Dogpatch too a few years ago and got some pics that look almost idetical to ya'lls cept our ugly mugs are in them lol I know u guys aren't into the paranormal or whatever (if u are i dont know about it) but I see so really crazy stuff in ya'lls pics! LOVE IT! Keep up the great work but BE CAREFUL...well as careful as u can be and still have fun;)
Permalink 06/15/09 @ 23:17
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Comment from: fugitive247 [Visitor] ·
Please revive Ozarks Underground, or at least delete the spam comments once in a while. Seriously though, this site still has enormous potential. Social media keeps growing exponentially. A little site cleanup, effective use of .rss and feed aggregators, and a bit of fresh content once in a while could bring new life to Ozarks Underground. Besides, with so many folks being too broke to go anywhere that costs more than a couple of gallons of gas, what else is there to do that's fairly affordable except to explore?
Permalink 07/05/10 @ 02:42
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There's a lot of reasons for that. I had held off updating the site
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