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Wet Willy's Water Slide

A few weeks ago, I helped a friend move to Fenton for the summer. As I was driving home, I decided to stop by the old Wet Willy's Water Slide, which has been abandoned for several years now and has become a haven for enthusiasts of skateboarding and street luge. It is more than apparent after visiting this place that while it may be abandoned, it is far from forgotten. I know that a few of my friends and I have talked about visiting in the winter after the first big snow and trying out some disc sleds.

I had no problem finding the slide, although it is very well hidden this time of year being at the top of a hill and almost completely swallowed by vegetation. There is not anything left to see as far as buildings except for the pump house at the very bottom of the slide. I am told that the main building used to be at the top of the slide, but there is nothing left today. I walked up and down the slides, imagining how much fun it must have been to have ridden it during its operation. I remember riding a similar slide in Chicago during my childhood. It was unbelieveable fun until one fell off of the provided mat and got all scraped up by the concrete of the slide.

It is amazing how much the surrounding brush has reclaimed the site in just a few years. Some parts of the slide are not even visible anymore, having been completely covered. I think it's a cool place, despite the fact that it is not really very historical or anything. If I had any kind of skateboarding skills, I'm sure you'd find me shredding it up on the slide during the weekends. Unfortunately, my skills are somewhat limited to photography and walking - and not at the same time. I'm not sure how much the police in the area are worried about kids hanging out at the slide. Judging by the amount of graffiti and beer cans left about, I'd say not very. And why would they be, unless kids start breaking their legs. On a 200 meter concrete slide with a viscious incline, I just don't see that happening.

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