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Terry-Tech Complex

I had the afternoon off a few days ago, and it was such a beautiful day I decided to get in my car and enjoy the weather. I grabbed my camera and made a few stops to take some photos, and ended up driving by a site that I had passed numerous times but had never checked out. I think one of the reasons that I had always passed it up is that as recently as a year ago, it appeared that there was some kind of activity still occuring there. On this day, however, it was clear that it was completely abandoned. I walked around the main building and noted the posted bankruptcy notices on the windows. They were dated July of 2006, so my belief that it was only recently abandoned seemed correct. It was apparent as I began to walk around that while it may have been abandoned recently, the complex began its decay long ago.

I am going to call this place "Terry-Tech" because it seems like it used to house one or more technology companies, and because I saw a sign with those words posted inside one of the buildings. I feel that I should not give any more specific information about it, though, because this place is still FULL of leftover crap, and I don't want it to fall into grubby little hands and disappear.

I walked around the outside taking photos and ducked through a hole in one of the fences. It would become apparent later that this was unnecessary since the other side of the complex is completely open and fence-less. The first thing was made my jaw drop was the amount of garbage/really cool and interesting stuff to look at just lying in piles everywhere. I would say that it looked like everyone just up and left one day leaving everything there, but it looked more like everyone just up and left making sure to throw all their shit around in a haphazard manner first. I could have spent the entire day just digging through all the piles of leftover stuff, some of it that seemed to be totally out of place (like the spanish-language children's books).

The interior of the buildings were even more interesting, with large open warehouse style areas, and beautiful (or, once beautiful) carpeted office areas that looked like they could've served as one of the sets for the movie Office Space.

The part of the complex that really blew my mind, though, was the storage/warehouse area that was the last area I visited. I found crap that made me jump up and down it was so exciting! There were piles of old computers and computer parts, pallets of freight still shrinkwrapped, a ton of old Converse shoes (some of which were steel-toed....I didn't know those exsisted!), and a bunch of orange twisty straws......for those of you who like to drink their cool-aid all crazy like! In a back corner, there was a large animal that almost made me crap my pants when I turned and saw it. It looked like fuzzy-material over a chicken wire frame in the shape of what I assumed was a bull, like it was being built for a parade float or something. When you're not expecting a six foot tall bull, it's enough to make you jump.

Yes, that was a huge bottle of some chemical sitting on top of a piano. Weird, right? I need to do some more research, because I have found no way to piece together all the clues of what this place was in any way that makes sense. I don't know many tech companies that manufacture pianos AND steel-toes Converse sneakers. And that, in my opinion, is what's really wrong with this country.


Comment from: TooMuchCoffee [Visitor]
Looks like someone was using it for storage for liquidation wholeselling. These companies buy up left over stock from bankrupt or businesses going out of business.
What was in the bottle? It looks like a 5 gallon bottle of some kind of acid.
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Comment from: Casey Braden [Visitor] ·
What kind of camera do you use?
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Comment from: Mark Bassett [Visitor]
This building was the scene of a five-alarm fire back in 1998. After that, it was use as an industrial flea market. They had a sister-store on Broadway just north of Mound Street. They are still there! I walked through the fire scene and the flea market. Employees told me that they shipped stuff worldwide. I thought that they were still in business.
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Comment from: Kevin Wolf [Visitor] ·
Really interesting place! I'd love to go explore it sometime. I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and wanted to contact you about an art show I'm having with the painter lady you've met at armour, as well as the writer of ecology of absence. So far we have about 6-8 local artists that all have work that relates to old and abandoned St. louis buildings. We all know your blog and would love to have you on board. Please email or call one of us if you'd like to contribute some art to the show. We'll be sending out packets to galleries in late spring.
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Comment from: Garrett [Visitor] ·
I live nearby this building and decided to explore it before work one morning.
I was arrested. Apparently a concerned neighbor called on me because they were suspicious of drug activity, etc. The fact that I didn't have a criminal record didn't seem to matter to them. At the time of the arrest, I had a screwdriver handled prybar, along with a vintage corvette hubcap, and a muzzle sight?. I tried to explain to the cops that I had the prybar for protection against dogs and that the hubcap and muzzle sight were just trash that I wanted to take as I left. (Hell, as trashed as the complex is, and considering the contamination I should have been paid for that.) I tried to explain to them that the building was vacant and vandalized city owned property and everything of any remote value was already taken and gone. That didn't seem to work, as they booked me and charged me with 2nd degree burglary and stealing over 500. I'm hoping to have the charges dropped or at least reduced to trespassing because I have no warrants or priors. And there is no way in hell that muzzle and hubcap are worth 500 dollars, ebay or not. What is really unusual to me is that they sent me to drug court, like I'm a fucking crackhead or something, like they saw me running with some copper pipes and gutters. And explorers, believe me, you do not want to be booked in the justice center downtown. It was a horrifying experience for me. It seems they just put you in a crowded room and just forget about your ass. It is not somewhere I want to go again! Oh well, we'll see on the 20th when I have court. I can only imagine how many real criminals who are constantly terrorize the city were allowed to remain free while the department concentrated their efforts to "serve and protect" on me.

But on a lighter note, the building is a must see. I found the warehouse portion very interesting. With it's heat dissapating roof and crane system, it would make this building wonderful for a recycling center or any other industrial venture. The main concrete building is very stable. I would clean up everything around the place, demo certain portions of the building where the steel roof has collapsed and preserve/resore the main building. I love the architecture. Cleanup of the complex is the biggest issue to overcome. The kind of junk around there is truly beyond belief. Its almost like they paid people for every scrap TV in the city! there is so much wanton neglect the cleanup issue will probably prevent most interested buyers from even considering the property. There is plenty of toxic waste on the property, not to mention the highest phosphor concentration in the metro area.
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Comment from: Gerd [Visitor] ·
Very nice site!
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Comment from: edhardyclub [Visitor] ·
Thank you for your help!
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