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uo blog in springfield news-leader

Welcome Springfield News-Leader readers!

This blog, along with several other local ones, was featured in the July 7th edition of the News-Leader in an article about local bloggers. There wasn't anything said about us, but a screenshot of our blog was used as the picture on the second page. If we'd known about the article beforehand, we would've given all our readers a heads up. Very awesome!

You can view the article online here.


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praise from the master

The great Ninjalicious of Infilration fame made my day today by giving some high praise on the Underground Ozarks Blog:

For those that don't know, Infilration and Ninj were a big inspiration for this site. In fact, I purposely modeled the site after his as a bit of an homage.

Usufruct, the official blog for Infiltration, will be going on the Blogroll as soon as I finish tinkering with it.

Underground Ozarks Blog

Here you can read about White Rabbit's day-to-day explorations and adventures.

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