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Who turned out the lights?

I recently made a trip to St. Louis where I spent several days. I had resolved to do more posting here upon my return, as I had been back in Missouri for a while and my life was starting to return to normal, with caving every other weekend or so. Unfortunately, something happened that caused that resolve to melt away - a giant pile of ice fell on my house. I guess all my years of saying that winters in MO were a thing of the past finally caught up with me, because last Friday night a good portion of a tree fell on the house. Luckily some power lines broke its fall.


The limb completely ripped the meter from the wall, took down the lines going into the house, and tore the wiring right out of our weatherhead. After getting the runaround from the power company we were forced to hire a private electrician, and $1200 worth of repairs later we're still waiting for Southwest Electric to come and do their part. Of course, there are still thousands of people in Springfield without power, but it's hard not to be bitter when you live in the only home in your town without electricity - including at least one abandoned house, which inexplicably had power restored before us. Seriously. Way to prioritize, guys.


Comment from: underdog [Visitor] ·
Hey Sertile, great pics of the coffee shop. I'm jealous. I was thinking of driving out there but never did. You should search for dead bodies and coffee remains.
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Comment from: sertile [Member]
Thanks, though I could've done without the porn link. I look at enough of it as it is.
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Comment from: Don [Visitor]
Growing up in Fair Grove in the 70s I had to endure a couple of there ice storms that knocked out everyones electricity. We were operating a dairy farm. Milking over 100 head. For you city slickers, milking machines run on electricity. Screwed things up big time. One winter it seems like we had no power a couple of weeks. Another winter, 1 week. Springfield always got power back before the rural areas. In another of my lives I was away from the Ozarks 10 years as a squid (navy). Came back and heard of an even worse ice storm in the 80s that had Springfield socked in a while.
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