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North Town Mall Overflow

Just as my heart is overflowing with love for the North Town Mall, so to this blog shall overflow. I took so many breathtaking pictures the last time I was there that I simply couldn’t squeeze them all into one measly entry, so I’m treating you to a second helping of North Towny goodness. There were three pictures I felt were worth seeing… but then, aren’t they all?

Mall Hall

The first provides a stunning first person view looking south down the northern arm of the mall. The central garden and fountain complex can be viewed in the distance, just behind the old information kiosk. The official North Town Mall offices once occupied the store space on the right, as the banner proudly heralds. It’s worth noting that this section of the mall lies behind the barrier, and is not off limits, never to be entered again.


Next up is the culprit itself – the North Town Mall skylight. A loose seal around the skylight is responsible for the barrier being erected around the mall’s central space, which has in turn completely eliminated access to the mall’s north and south arms, as well as its internal entrance into Wal-Mart, not that anyone would want to go there. This has, in effect, closed off ¾ of the mall’s available entrances. No amount of colorful banners can disguise the menace of the skylight.

NT Logo

Finally, I leave you with the symbol of the mall, the North Town Mall logo. This particular emblem, the largest of its kind, still hangs proudly in what was the food court. It occupies a prominent space over the stage, which is currently used for such diverse activities as bluegrass concerts and children’s beauty pageants. Whether it be a dog show or a Christmas giveaway courtesy of the Salvation Army, the NT sees all. Though its neon gas may be long extinguished, it remains a symbol of the mall’s former glory.


Comment from: chad [Visitor]
I hope to one day see pictures of the mall when it was at full capacity..I used to go there in the 80's..Id love to see some of the photos of the original stores...i remember getting an op wallet at a store called goldes of i remember
Permalink 04/10/07 @ 19:33
Comment from: Underdog [Visitor]
I will really miss that place. I hate development. The NT Mall will always be a memory of better times in my mind.
Permalink 05/02/07 @ 18:14
Comment from: sertile [Member]
Sorry Chad, I don't have any pictures of the mall when it was in its heyday, but I do have more recent pics of one of the rare instances it had a full parking lot, which was a site for sore eyes.

If the mall survives another holiday season, try and go there when the Salvation Army is giving away free presents (which they do every year). I guarantee you'll see the place FULL of people then.
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Comment from: Canal holidays [Visitor] ·
After your description the mall looks pretty nice but too bad for the pictures. It would be nice to see more from the garden and the fountain.
Permalink 02/05/08 @ 17:31
Comment from: Don [Visitor]
Found a video clip on the internet of the new Wal Mart Supercenter. Was dated June 08. Said something about a 2 phase opening.
Permalink 01/10/09 @ 12:12
Comment from: The Junkyard Dawg [Visitor]
North Town Mall is gone. Too bad that place never really took off. It sat nearly deserted for too long.Back in the 70s there was talk an amusement part would be developed there. Maybe things would have worked better with that idea. A little something weird about that intersection (Kearney/Glenstone). In the 70s 2 hotels sat condemned for a long time.
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