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How You Can Help

St. Louis Caves - 05/21/06
In the past few months, I've gotten to see a couple old brewery caves underneath St. Louis, and I've become addicted. I am desperate to find ways into more of these caves, even if they were never used for brewing. We know of many that still exist, but we aren't having much luck finding ways inside. If anyone knows of ANY cave inside St. Louis, or underneath buildings in St. Louis, or knows how to get into any of them, PLEASE let me know. This is currently my highest exploring priority, because there is simply nothing like finding a forgotten cave under the city.
Newspaper Article - 11/04/05
We were recently featured in an article for the Joplin Globe, and that story went out on the AP wire (which means many more newspapers carried it). We know that we were in the following papers: Joplin Globe, Springfield News-Leader, Columbia Daily Tribune, Kansas City Star, Wichita Eagle, Belleville News-Democrat, and Salina Journal. If anyone knows of any other newspapers we were in, PLEASE contact us!
Pacific, MO Silica Mines - 01/11/05
I've seen some information and pictures about these mines up in Pacific. Since it's a bit far for me to drive without knowing more, I'm looking for anyone who's been in these mines or just knows something about them.
Railroad Tunnels - 01/11/05
I've been looking into railroads lately, and I've noticed a lot of the tunnels aren't marked on topographic maps for whatever reason. So, if any of you know of any railroad tunnels, abandoned or active, please let me know. I'm already aware of the Reeds Spring, MO tunnel, and the Crest, AR tunnel, so you don't need to email me about those or the two. But any others, email me!
Kansas City and St. Louis - 11/20/04
I'm interested in speaking to explorers who live near any of these areas. If you live in the actual cities, even better.
University Tunnels - 11/20/04
I would like to talk to students who go to universities that they know have steam tunnel systems. Particularly, I'm interested in talking to people at Evangel, Missouri Southern, and Crowder. But, if your school has tunnels, I want to talk to you.
Sewers and Drains - 11/20/04
I still need more drains, particularly in the cities of Springfield or Branson. If any of you know of any large drainage tunnels or ones that are particularly interesting, please contact me.
That's it for now, kids. But if you have any information about any place you think I might be interested in, contact me.