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8th Street Tunnel
Acid Tunnel
Carthage Underground
College of the Ozarks Tunnels
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Erie Sinkhole
Holiday Island Tunnel
Jordan Creek Tunnel
Likins-Whinrey Mill
Messiah Project Mill
Missouri State University Tunnels
Monte Ne
Mountain Inn
Nike Battery KC-30
Springlawn Farm (Albino Farm)
University of Arkansas Tunnels
Winoka Lodge (Camp Winoka)
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Kansas City Urban Explorers
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Unfortunately, thanks to our sue-happy culture, I need to have more covering my ass than my fluffy cotton tail. So, with that said:
Just because I do something stupid, doesn't mean you need to do it, too. Some of the places listed on this site can be extremely hazardous. Adding to that, many of them are also on private property, which means you could be ticketed or arrested if you go there without permission.
In other words, I'm not responsible for you. I would never tell anyone not to go out and explore, but I sure as hell didn't tell you to do it either. So if you get maimed, killed, or thrown in jail, don't come crying to me with a subpoena, because it's not my fault.
I don't have any freaking money anyway.