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8th Street Tunnel
Acid Tunnel
Carthage Underground
College of the Ozarks Tunnels
Cricket Tunnel
Dogpatch USA
Erie Sinkhole
Holiday Island Tunnel
Jordan Creek Tunnel
Likins-Whinrey Mill
Messiah Project Mill
Missouri State University Tunnels
Monte Ne
Mountain Inn
Nike Battery KC-30
Springlawn Farm (Albino Farm)
University of Arkansas Tunnels
Winoka Lodge (Camp Winoka)
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Kansas City Urban Explorers
Memory_machine's Blog
Sertile's Blog
Urban Ninja Force

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What the hell is this site about?
This is a site about urban exploration in the Ozarks.
Q: What's urban exploration?
A: Urban exploration is exactly what it sounds like--the exploration of urban areas and the features of urban areas. This would include things like office complexes, abandoned buildings, sewers, tunnels, and bridges, just to name a few common examples.
Q: Is that all you explore?
We explore all kinds of things. Pretty much any place that normal people don't get to see or aren't allowed to see is the kind of place we're interested in. It doesn't have to be an abandoned building or a tunnel. If it's a cool place, we want to see it.
Q: Who would want to do this kind of crap?
A: Us, apparently, and lots of other people. Pretty much anyone that's ever said to themself, "Gee, I wonder what's behind that door that says Do Not Enter?" and then went and looked.
Q: Why would anyone do this?
A: Easy. Because there's cool stuff to be seen, stuff that most people never get to see.
Q: What do you do while you're at these places?
A: We just take pictures. That's all. We never, ever disturb the place we're exploring. We do not steal, we do not vandalize, and we do nothing but take pictures.
Q: What do you do if you can't get into a place
A: If we can't get into a place by walking, crawling, or some combination thereof, then we don't get in. We refuse to harm anything or cause any kind of damage.